My Baby is Always Sick!

Photo by Jennie Canzoneri
We're recovering from croup in our house -- well, my son is recovering physically while my husband and I are recovering from all the sleep we didn't get while he was up all night coughing.

But before croup there were ear infections and pink eye and bronchitis and a week-long stomach virus and swine flu and ... well, my kid is sick a lot.


We assumed day care was the culprit, so we blamed day care behind its back as often as we could, but then our schedules miraculously changed and Kyle was home four days a week and he still came down with everything under the sun.

Our pediatrician recently laughed at how thick our file was from just the month of January, and I had to laugh along with her because all those co-pays! All those days off work! All those late nights snuggling a baby with a fever! Well, more like sob than laugh, but sometimes you have to choose laughing.

It's just exhausting having a kid who is sick so much, especially when he's still such a happy baby. If I had the money and a farm, I'd totally buy him a pony.

So, tell me, were your kids sick a lot as babies?

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