Baby Food Recipe: Guacamol-wee

Photo by Kandee19
My little one moved past baby food a few months ago, but he still won't eat vegetables that are not baby food consistency. Frustrating. I thought I'd give guacamole a try, but the chunks in it made him spit out more than he actually consumed. Again, frustrating.


Having searched weelicious before, I thought I would head over and see what kind of baby food/big kid food veggie options they might have to please my picky guy.

First of all, I re-learned that an avocado is actually a fruit. Still, it's green and super good for you so I was thrilled to try their (very cutely named) guacamol-wee recipe.

Admittedly, I've never made guacamole in a food processor. I think my California-born husband would freak out if I desecrated the avo like that. However, this recipe was a winner for both my boy and the rest of the family. A texture pleaser for the baby with issues! And this mom who also can be annoyed by a "wrong-feeling" veg, was extremely happy too.

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