Why Pamela Anderson Is a Great Mom

Pamela Anderson kids
Photo by Splash News
I have more in common with Pamela Anderson than I thought.

Both of us have had the pleasure of Tommy Lee and both of us have beach side houses in Malibu. Oh isn't life grand!

Wait ... that's my alternate reality. The water I live near is a polluted canal and Tommyland only happened in my dreams.

I'm talking about parenting, and as a new mom I'm learning the terms, the philosophies, the tips I ignore, the tips I love. And when it comes to parenting, this blonde bombshell and I have a few things in common.

  • She's an AP parent! The attachment parenting philosophy feels like it was written by my motherly instincts.
  • She believes in co-sleeping. This has been a big point of contention in my house, but my husband is coming around. Maybe if I had moves like Pam, things would be different. I'm talking about her tango on Dancing With the Stars, not her infamous sex tape!
  • She breastfed both of her sons for at least one year. A goal of mine.
  • She had a home birth -- twice! This is where my dreams come into play again. While I wish I could have had a home birth (even though birth is and was such a scary thing to me), my birth story is the exact opposite.
  • She's a very hands-on mom. Someone recently told me they knew someone who lived next door to her and that she was such a hands-on and involved mother. It made me like Pam even more.

Oh, Pam! Your crazy exploits in the press overshadow the great things you do for your kids.

Do you think Pamela Anderson is a good mom?

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