Baby's First Vaccination

Shots for Baby
Photo by Navdeep Singh Dhillon
So my not-so-newborn Kavya turned two months last week. That meant it was time for her two-month well-baby visit to the pediatrician. That's a funny name for these check-ups, because kids tend to go happy -- or at least Kavi did -- and come out upset. Because the two month visit is also when infants get their shots.

And I don't know who was more traumatized, Kavi or me.

Actually, I do know.



It was me, for sure. Kavi was pretty oblivious, and since she generally likes her pediatrician (who is my mom), the general check-up portion hardly tipped her off. But then, all of the sudden, Nani-Ma got mean, pulling out three needles. (She didn't mind the Roto virus vaccine, which was in liquid form.)

I, of course, had plenty of time to freak out about the shots -- before, during and after. First, there's the fact that my poor, unsuspecting little one is getting pinched with the needles. Then there are the side effects, like a possible fever.

And then there's the biggie. There's been much discussion about whether these vaccines can be linked to autism. There's no clear cut yay or nay, and we may not know for decades to come. But in the meantime, because some parents are holding off on giving their kids vaccines, there are new outbreaks of previously eradicated diseases like the measles, which can be deadly to a little baby. All this is enough to drive any new mother to tears. How do we even begin to decide?

In our case, my pediatrician -- who clearly has a vested interest in the health of little Kavi -- recommended, based on her own careful examination of the matter, that we should go forth with vaccinating her. So we did. Which is not to say that I don't reexamine that decision daily. But so far, Kavi seems to be recovering well from her well-baby visit. And thankfully, for her and for me, she won't have to face any more shots for a while.

Are you vaccinating your little one?

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