Baby of the Week: Fiona Louise

baby girl
Photo by MelanieLouise
Getting to know our readers cuties ....

Who: Fiona Louise, daughter of MelanieLouise. She's 13 months old, super sweet, very mischievous, and such a flirt!


How long does she sleep at night? About eight hours before half-waking to nurse, then sleeps for another two to three. 

What makes her smile? Grandma is definitely her favorite! Just hearing her voice over the phone makes her light up. Daddy gets the most giggles, though.

How did you choose her name? We wanted to stick with the Celtic theme that we started with our son (Liam). I wanted something simple, and a bit old-fashioned. Louise is my middle name, named after my great-aunt.

Any siblings? Fiona has a big brother, Liam, whom she just adores. He picks on her (of course!), but they play really well together and are so sweet!

What is her latest milestone? Climbing. The child climbs EVERYTHING! I was doing laundry the other day and she had pulled out all the drawers in the bathroom to climb up onto the counter! She's so fast, I don't even realize what she's doing till she's standing on top of whatver it is and cheering!

What is her fussiest time of day? She doesn't really have a fussy time. Mostly, she's pretty chill. She does get super hyper when we go to lay down at night ... and I just have to let her run around in the dark for a few minutes before she's ready to nurse and sleep.

What will she do for a career? It'll be something in music, I'm sure. My husband and I are both very musical, and she's definitely inherited it. She loves playing the piano, strumming a guitar, and singing. I'm in a choir, she's our little choir baby, and she sings right along with everyone. It'll definitely be something she's interested in, if she doesn't make a career out of it. :)


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