Diaper Smuggling and Baby-Name Regret: Baby Links I Love


Photo by MrsJennWilson

Today in super fun baby links, smugglers get creative and one mom tells the breast-feeding Nazis to back off, already.

Check 'em out!

  • Lenore Skenazy (author of Free Range Kids) does it again, this time making everyone take a step back and face reality that formula is not rat poison while asking people to please stop bashing non-breast feeding moms. My favorite line:

"Interesting, isn't it, that we focus so harshly on the one part of parenting that only women can perform?" -- Parent Dish

  • Taking plant smuggling (plant smuggling?) to a whole new level, a woman crossing the Mexico/U.S. border in El Paso was arrested for bringing live plants in a diaper. At least there wasn't a baby in the diaper at the time. -- OregonLive
  • Lisa Belkin explores Baby-Name Regret, and asks a question I've often pondered; can you "call" or "own" a name so no one else will take it first? She also shows some sympathy for a mom who chose "Paris" before the socialite ruined it for the rest of them.  -- Motherlode
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