Hands-Free Breast Pump, A Working Mom's Best Friend

hands free pump
Photo from Medela
First let me make this clear -- I do not happily go into one of my pumping sessions with a big smile on my face thinking, Oh I'm going to be so sad when these 20 minutes are up -- thank goodness I get to do it again in three hours!

My pump might as well be a torture device, and one which I willingly submit myself to daily. Anything for my twins.

I'm a working mom so I do what I have to do. But I do it hands-free, double-electric, of course, so I can bring home breast milk for my babies. And for that, I love my pump.


My Medela Freestyle Breastpump was totally worth the $379.99 I spent on it. Though I did use a gift card and a 20 percent off discount card when I purchased it from Buy Buy Baby. I know -- expensive! But I had to go back to work and wanted to breastfeed. I needed this. It's not like an urge to spend hundreds on a fancy pair of shoes. This was a real need.

Plus, the clerk in the store, a very helpful young man, totally sold it to me. He said, "You can do dishes while pumping!"

I don't want to do the dishes while pumping -- I don't want to do the dishes ever -- but I do want use of my hands when expressing breast milk because 20 minutes is a long time when you are counting the minutes (and listening to the whrrl pssh whrrl pssh whrrl pssh of the machine) and since I pump three times when I am at work, that's a whole hour I can be getting my stuff done on the computer or writing down notes, and the sooner I get everything done, the sooner I can get home to be with my babies. See my logic?

The only extra thing you need for a hands-free pump is a nursing bra. Medela Freestyle comes with straps that fasten onto the pump. The pump clips onto your bra in three spots to secure it  -- the nursing bra opening, the center, and the outer sides. Freedom!

Do you pump? What kind do you have?

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