Baby Names We Didn't Choose

Photo by Michele Zipp
Sometimes I look at my babies and think about the names my husband and I didn't choose for them. You do this, too, right?

It's clear now that my twins have little personalities that some of the names we nixed are clearly wrong for them. But others would be as good as the names we chose -- Hunter and Penelope. 

Here's our nixed names list.


Hunter won in the boy name category, but other names we liked were:

  • Otto -- moved on from this once we found out it was my hubby's ex's husband's name.
  • Dale -- my hubs hated this because I liked it too much due to my love for Dale Earnhardt Jr.
  • Arlo -- hubs was too into Hunter at this point to consider.
  • Wolf -- same as Arlo. Thank goodness we didn't choose this and make Hunter his middle name.
  • Leo -- Sheri's son is named Leo and I didn't want to copy. It is my grandpa's name.

Other names considered were River, Cash, Miles, Amos, Oliver, Otis, and Jonas.


Penelope was the winning name girl name, but others that made the list were:

  • Nova -- my hubs hated it. Maybe because it's my porn name.
  • Dixie -- we were afraid of it being too Southern.
  • Sadie -- my mom didn't like it. Too sexy thanks to the Beatles she said.
  • Lucille -- strong contender, but in the end didn't feel right.
  • Sunshine -- I loved this name; my man felt the opposite.

Other names we considered were Louise, Margot, Maisie, Lulu, Astra, Esther, Stella, Ivy, Cleo, Edie, Phoebe, Zora, Gigi, and Harper.

If I was anything like the Duggars, I would use up all these names. But I'm not. So I won't. Maybe just Arlo and Nova for the next set of twins. I kid!

Do you ever think about the names you didn't choose for your baby?

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