Wait -- This Is a Diaper Bag?

Photo from Ju-Ju-Be
I've been lusting after this bag since I saw it -- even after I learned this is the newest in Ju-Ju-Be's diaper bag lineup.

Yes, I said it's a diaper bag, albeit one of the company's new "Earth Leather" bags being released this week in honor of Earth Day.

It's exactly what I was looking for when I was pregnant -- a diaper bag that looked nothing like a diaper bag.


Ju-Ju-Be sent The Stir one of the smaller bags in the line to check out the quality, and I admit I was torn on whether leather was practical for a diaper bag. After all, it's not exactly machine-washable.

Then I found out it's not actually leather -- it's a washable leather alternative that doesn't have the chemicals used to tan animal hides (and potentially harm the environment). The lining of their new bags matches the lining on the likes of my Ju-Ju-Be fave, the Be Light, a super-light diaper bag that again looks distinctly unmom-like but repels stains with an antimicrobial fabric, and the bigger Mighty Be.

I was drawn to the Ju-Ju-Be line because you can complete the nondiaper-bag feeling to your diaper bag with matching accessories -- from wallets to business card holders. The Earth Leather line will include the Be Fabulous ($200), pictured above, and the smaller BeHave ($160).

Looking for some other options with a nondiaper-bag feel? My friend totes a Manhattan Portage messenger bag that offers ample room for all her daughter's stuff even though it isn't marketed for moms.

I love my Sourpuss Tattoo bag ($33) even now that my daughter's in the toddler years -- these days the waterproof outside is great for toting things in the rain, and the tat print makes me look more punk rock than prissy mom.

And talking about bag lust -- did you see the Petunia Picklebottom bag The Stir gave away last week? I'd do the baby shower over just to get one of those!

Is a non-Mom look high on your list for a diaper bag?

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