Sarah Jessica Parker Copes With Mom Guilt, Too

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I've been succumbing to a healthy dose of mommy guilt lately, trying to balance my erratic work and writing schedules with feeding, changing and playing with Kavya -- who, at two-months-old, is up now for way longer than she naps.

Yeah, some days I don't have time to shower, let alone cook or clean or any of those other daily duties I used to occasionally manage pre-baby. But I usually feel like I'm balancing okay. Right? Maybe I could even manage to take on that grad program. Then I think, who am I kidding? Even with enough child care, the guilt would just be too ridiculous.

Luckily, I know I'm not the only one who feels it. Sarah Jessica Parker, mom to nine-month old twins Tabitha and Marion, has also voiced some angst about balancing her frantic career schedule with life as a mom.


"You get into bed at night thinking of all the things you did wrong, and you hope things will be better the next day," Parker -- who's also mom to James Wilke, 7 -- told the UKs Daily Mail of raising her little ones. "I think women tend to put more pressure on themselves to do everything exceptionally well, which is an impossibility. But most working mothers probably do a lot better than I do, with far less support than I have. So I don’t think that I’m any champion. I muddle through the best that I can."

And she's got twins, so does that mean double the guilt? As silly as it sounds, it must still be rough being away from your little ones -- even if it is to shoot a Sex and the City 2 in Morocco -- when a first tooth comes in or they take their tentative first steps.

It's so easy to miss those little moments, and I'm glad that I've been able to be there to catch Kavya's first smile or even just to spend ten minutes playing with her at the park in the middle of the sunny afternoon. 

You might not see her in the photo of Tabitha and Marion here, but Parker and her baby daddy, Matthew Broderick, can frequently be seen toting the twins around their favorite West Village stomping grounds in Manhattan -- like to the park to play on the baby swings. In a city where nannies pushing strollers is almost the norm, it's refreshing.

And it just goes to show you -- parenthood is a balancing act, whether you're a freelance writer, a CPA, barista or a big time movie star.

Do you get overwhelmed by mommy guilt? How do you deal?

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