Baby Sleep in a New Time Zone

Photo by Kimmy1972
As I've probably said on The Stir about one million times (because my entire LIFE is about this move) my family just moved from Brooklyn to Los Angeles.

While I'm still having some difficulty changing time zones, I'm a lot more concerned about getting my one-year-old to finally figure out what's up.


I consulted a few different baby websites and this is the advice I'm going to start following, as soon as I'm adjusted myself. Big yawn!

Delicious Baby had the most comprehensive and fun to read list. Favorite tips: Go to bed early yourself, nap when the baby naps so you'll be prepared for the lack of sleep that will inevitably happen as the baby adjusts. Feed everyone on the new mealtime schedule, and eat healthy foods.

Babycenter had words of wisdom of what to do before we headed west. Too late for that, but I will follow their lead and reassure my baby by unpacking his familiar blankie and Brobee stuffed doll first.

Baby Jetsetter mused about the benefits of letting the babies stay up as late as they want (assuming you're going in that time zone direction) and keeping the lights low when they pull an early wake up.

Baby Travel also preaches the benefit of starting to adjust the baby before you fly away, but if you're already there, they offer the suggestion to keep your baby outside in natural light most of the day which helps the babes to adjust to the current time zone.

I'm going to get started on this list as soon as I've had my third cup of coffee for the day.

Any other time zone tips?

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