Duggar Preemie Back in Hospital

Photo from TLC
Baby Josie
, the 19th baby in the Duggar family, was rushed back to the hospital after her vital signs started to fluctuate last Thursday, according to People.com.


I can't imagine how scary that was for Jim Bob and Michelle, even though it sounds like it's a common preemie problem.

Jim Bob Duggar said the fluctuation had to do with constipation; a result of the highly fortified formula Josie is required to drink so she can gain weight. The little lady is still only 4 lbs and 12 1/2 ounces, even though she has passed her original birth date. Yikes!

Let's hope Josie bounces back quickly and puts on some pounds so we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief. Since the little girl is still struggling almost five months past her birthday, I'll be very anxious watching 19 Kids and Counting for updates.

The Duggars have rented a house in Little Rock close to the hospital as these kinds of scares are to be expected. Jim Bob echoed his doctor's sad, but accurate warning to, ". . . never trust a preemie."

Good luck baby Josie!

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