Nursery Tour: Emily and Sophie

Photo from Emily Baker
Another pretty nursery to share with you. This one's from Emily, and it's her sweet girl Sophie's room.
A mix of pink and soft green, this nursery also has a lot of items of sentimental value.
Let's take a look.
What store or website was big inspiration for you when designing and decorating your nursery? 
This was my second nursery to decorate, so I had to be a little more frugal with this one. I loved all of the nursery bedding and accessories at Serena and Lily, but they are pretty pricey. So, I started looking at the Shabby Chic stuff at Target and got some really good ideas there. In fact, I would say 80 percent of her nursery is from Target. I liked the idea of having a chair rail so we didn't have to paint the entire room one color. We bought pre-finished rails from Lowe's and put them up ourselves.
What was the most important part of the room for you? 
Hmmm.  That's kind of hard to say.  I don't think there was anything I really had to have in there, and I didn't want to go overboard and douse it in pink like I did DD#1's room. The poem Footprints is hanging on a wall of her nursery. It was my grandmother's favorite poem, and she left me the one that she had hanging in her house, and that's the one that's in the nursery. That's pretty special. I'm reminded of my grandmother every time I'm in there. 

Photo from Emily Baker
Did you allow yourself one splurge? 
I did. The glider was by far the most expensive thing in the room. It was totally worth it though, it's SO comfy. More often than not, DH falls asleep in it rocking Sophie! This is one thing I didn't splurge on with DD#1, and I wish I had. 

Photo from Emily Baker
What's one thing you'd do differently if you could start from scratch?

In all honesty, there's really not much I would change about the room.  I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out, and how inexpensive it was! With DD#1, I thought I had to have the expensive bedding, furniture, etc. to make it look nice. I found out how wrong I was this time. I actually probably like Sophie's room better than Sarah's.

Photo from Emily Baker
What's your favorite part of the room? 

I really like the wall with the flag banner and pictures on it. Those pictures were so cheap, I actually did them myself. I bought three pieces of scrap-booking paper and three fairly cheap white frames. I think the total cost for all of them was about $15. The flag banner was from Target. 

Thanks for letting us into your nursery, Emily! It's lovely!
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