Pediatrician Needed ASAP: What Questions Should I Ask?

Flickr photo by Dan Harrelson
My family just landed in California, and as we unpacked, looked for child care, cars and the closest grocery store my husband and I realized: We really need a new pediatrician, and like, yesterday.


In addition to the fact that day cares and pre-schools require medical records from the new state we're living in (we have copies from New York -- but nooooo, they need California) you also never know what could happen. I say this as my one-year-old tries to launch himself off of our bed. So we're on the hunt and realize we haven't done this in over four years.

Also, considering the mad rush we're in right now, I'm completely spacing out on what questions are important to ask him/her other than, "Can we come in RIGHT NOW?" So I asked a few friends and here is their (very sage, thank you ladies!) advice:

If my child is really sick on the evenings or weekends, are you available?

Are labs done in the office, or do I have to take my child elsewhere to get her blood drawn?

Do you work on a flexible vaccination schedule (if applicable -- we use the regular schedule)?

How soon are you able to return a non-emergency phone call during office hours?

How much time do you spend with my child during well visits?

Under what circumstances do you prescribe antibiotics?

What are your thoughts on alternative medicine?

Do you know the latest information about the H1N1 vaccine?

Do you have a specific philosophy?


Along with these questions, I would add the "gut feeling" to my list of things to ask and look for when we find someone who will (hopefully) take our kiddos as new patients.

What other questions would you add to this list when interviewing a new ped?


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