Conjoined Twins & Realistic Baby Doll Pee: Baby Links I Love

Flickr photo by KateMonkey
This week in baby links I love I'm leaning towards the scatological. Something must be in the air . . .


You don't see this very often, but it's always fascinating how far modern medicine has come. Four-month-old conjoined twins were successfully separated in London. You can feel the relief of the parents through the web. What I'd love to know, how do twins become conjoined in the womb? What are the odds? -- CNN

Want a baby doll that pees in your face? I didn't think so. But you have to see this video. -- ParentDish

Say goodbye to shoving that thermometer up your baby's bum with this crazy not-yet-to-market ultimate baby gift: it's a baby monitor, an alarm clock, it plays lullabies and monitors your baby's heart rate and temp. Cool. -- Inhabitots

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