Lady Gaga Has a Baby Gaga Onesie

Michele Zipp

lady gaga onesie
Baby Gaga; MorningStarLoft
Lady Gaga fans, here's a onesie for you.

How cute!?

My husband and I haven't bought a band onesie yet -- though we do have one with a guitar print. Which is kind of odd since my husband is a musician and we both love music.

I think we just can't agree. I wanted an AC/DC one for Hunter but he vetoed that.

Babies seem to love Lady Gaga music -- even though Bill O'Reilly advises against it.

This Baby Gaga Onesie ($12) from MorningStarLoft is hand-dyed and yes, those red lips sparkle, just like Lady Gaga's would.

In sizes up to 24 months.

Just Dance!

Does your baby rock musical onesies?

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