Snack Suggestions for a Picky Baby?

Photo by Jennie Canzoneri
My 14-month-old son has hit a fun period I like to call Only Eats Bagels. Now, this phase helps cut down our grocery bill, true, but it's frustrating when you're trying to get as many nutrients into a growing body to watch all the food you lovingly prepare get tossed on the floor or thrown back at you!

(Don't let him fool you in the photo on the left. He just likes opening the fridge. He doesn't like eating from it.)


He'll go hours and hours and even days snubbing ice cream and goldfish and bananas and did I mention ICE CREAM? I can't remember the last time I turned that down. I was probably his age.

I rationally know he'll eat when he's hungry, and I'm not as worried as I am confused. How on earth can one little being survive on bagels and bagels alone? And not even that many bagels!

Did your one-year-old go through a similar phase? A Will Only Eat One Thing phase? How did you handle it? Also, any great snack suggestions for picky eaters?

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