Baby of the Week: Taylor Judith

baby girl in sling
Photo by LorelNicolette
Getting to know our readers' cuties ...

Who: Taylor Judith Hartley, daughter to LorelNicolette, is 7-weeks-old. She was born on Valentine's Day. She was 8 lbs. 8 oz. and 19 inches long.   


How long does she sleep at night? Taylor sleeps anywhere between 3-4 hours at night. What has made this routine especially smooth is being able to bring her to bed with me. 

Before she was born, I was concerned with how that would work. We had been having some difficulty getting Logan to sleep in his own room, and I was not comfortable co-sleeping with both of them in the same bed. Getting Logan a big boy bed sort of solved the problem. What has also helped is having my husband sleep in their room when Logan needs the extra security. My husband gets more sleep that way, too.

What makes her smile? She smiles a lot at her brother and me. She also smiles and cuddles anytime she is close to the food source. ;-) 

How did you choose her name? We had decided early on that we would use a family name for this baby. We didn't find out the gender so we planned on naming a girl after my mother (Judith), and a boy after my husband's father (Joseph). 

I started toying with other girl names in the latter part of my pregnancy. Judith as a first name simply wasn't as appealing to me as it had been. Taylor, Adrienne, and Audrina were a few of my favorites. 

Labor happened quickly, and to our surprise we were blessed with a girl. As I sat in the birthing pool processing everything, my husband looked over at me and casually asked, "How about Taylor Judith?" Without hesitating, I agreed. 

Any siblings? Taylor has a big brother named Logan. He is turning three in June. 

How well do they get along? He was a little skeptical of her at first, but all he wants to do now is help. He loves to keep her company on her activity floor mat. If she starts crying he tries his best to console her. Sometimes that includes methods that Taylor is not down with. She is not a fan of pacifiers, but Logan seems to think that all babies should have one based on his experience at home-care. I couldn't help but laugh in the beginning when all his pacifier attempts were denied by Taylor.   

What is her latest milestone? Lately, she has been experimenting with different facial expressions. She also has been gaining more control of her neck and back with each passing day.    

What is her fussiest time of day? Taylor is definitely fussier in the evening. When all other measures have been exhausted, it usually means she wants to comfort nurse.              

What will she do for a career? She seems to be a lot like her brother. If that is the case then she will be an independent, strong willed individual. With those characteristics she will be able to do whatever she sets her mind to. 


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