Josie Duggar Heads Home, Decoding Baby's Cries -- Baby Links I Love

Josie Duggar
Photo from TLC
Happy Hump Day! Get through it by perusing these baby links I love.

Little -- and at 4 and a half lbs., we mean really little -- Josie Duggar is finally released from the hospital! "She's a spunky little thing," says mom Michelle Duggar, who's got 19 Kids And Counting. -- People


You read about my baby-inspired shopping addiction. Inspired? Get the scoop on the hautest baby girl gear for spring. -- BreezyMama

Did your little one automatically get their daddy's last name? One mama rethinks tradition. -- Modern Mom

Are you a mommy blogger? Apparently there's a conference for multi-tasking momtrepeneurs. -- Type A Moms Conference

On a baby budget but Craigslist-averse? Check out this awesome site to find gently-used baby goods without the ick factor. -- Hand Me Downs

Oldie but goodie -- and a lifesaver for me at the moment -- smart mommy Pricilla Dunston explains what your baby's cries mean on the Today show. -- iVillage

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