Kourtney Kardashian's Little Man & Great Picture Books: Links I Love

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Baby smiles, squeezing in time to shower, and the best children's picture books you can buy. Oh, the Internet is grand. Check out these links I love.


How can you not melt at this picture of Kourtney' Kardashian's son Mason grinning at his Aunt Kim? -- Celebrity Baby Blog

Most parents lose their tempers from time to time, and this article, "Things To Do If You Lose Your Temper" is packed with good advice to help curb parenting tantrums. I especially like "do the unexpected." Change up the energy of the (tense) situation and your temper will most likely diffuse. -- Breezy Mama

If you're a new mom, you deserve a shower. Heck, you deserve a day at the spa, but sometimes just a shower it tough to manage. Amalah gives great "how to take a shower" advice on Bounce Back. -- AlphaMom

My one-year-old is becoming more and more interested in books. We read Brown Bear, Brown Bear at least 25 times a day, I wish I were kidding, so I just love this list of the top children's picture books. Belated Easter gift for my boy! -- Blissfully Domestic

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