Prenatal Vitamins Are Good for Breastfeeders

Michele Zipp

Flickr photo by House of Sims
Some women stop taking their prenatal vitamins after giving birth, but if you are going to breastfeed, it's a good idea to keep taking them. (Hello sister! Are you reading this?)

My doctor and several lady friends all agree that we need a good vitamin to not just keep us healthy, but babies can take a lot out of you, quite literally.

Here's my problem, though: Remembering to take them!

I have a stable of pills I have to choke down during a day. My prenatal, my DHA, a couple of things for increasing milk production, birth control pills, and a little something for my thyroid.

I need one of those old lady pill dispensers that my friend Christie has -- she says it helps and with all the stuff us mommies have to remember, I think it's time I get one.

Do you still take your prenatals? How do you remember to take them?

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