Infant Swimming -- Two Words that Scare Me

I'm scared to let my nanny bathe my babies, so forget about swimming. My twins will almost be 6-months-old when summer arrives -- the time "they" say infants are ready to swim.

But just because they say it doesn't mean I say they are ready. Or am I just being really overprotective?


Infant Swimming Resource says that the sooner you teach kids to swim, the safer they are.

And this makes sense -- I want my babies to learn to swim, just like I want them to walk, and talk, and eventually go off to school as I cry that my little ones are all grown up. But how soon is too soon?

Infant swimming is a subject that is up for debate -- some feel that a baby learning to swim can help prevent drowning, while others think that learning too soon can cause a false sense of security in the water.

Suzanne took her baby to the Y last year and while she didn't learn to swim, her little girl did pick up on swimming basics like kicking and moving her arms. Plus, she said it was a bonding experience for her and her daughter.

So while I won't be sending my twins to learn to swim with their nanny, it would be a great thing to do as a family in a few months -- with our hands on the babies and eyes focused only on our little ones in the water.

At what age would you introduce swimming to your baby?

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