My Little Fashionista Baby

Liberty of London for Target
Liberty of London Infant Dress, $12.99
Hello. My name is Sona. And I am not an alcoholic. But I do have an addiction. 

I spend too much on my little fashionista baby.


So these days, even the best budgeters amongst us are trying to stash away a bit more here and there.

Still, it's inevitable. Especially on a stock-up trip to Target. Which is what I did yesterday. I was fine for the most part -- I just nabbed the usual toiletries, cereal, household supplies. The stuff that adds up so fast, you wonder if there's a black hole in your wallet.

And then it happened. I made the mistake of casually perusing the baby section. Now, this is hard enough for Meena Masi -- my younger sister, who's had already bought her neice cashmere before she was born. Yes, my baby is two months old and already owns cashmere. What of it?

But when you're the mommy of an adorable little girl, if I do say so myself, it's really hard to resist the cute baby stuff. I know I will have to face the wrath of my husband, so I tend to reel myself in. But man, it's hard to resist the lure of those tiny little socks and gorgeous little dresses, even though I know Kavya wi'll likely grow out of them before she has a chance to wear them twice.

And she already has more than enough clothes to last through her first year. She gets cute little outfits as gifts from relative and friends and the occasional person I've never met who knows my husband or my father-in-law or my aunt Anju in Canada. She's got a hearty stash of hardly-worn hand-me-downs from her cousin Seerit in California. And, of course, I do indulge in buying the occasional Carter's cutie-pie gear here and there. (Hey! It was at the outlet. And they were having a super-sale. All the onesies were only $7! That's crazy! How could you not stock up?)

I'm proud to report that I didn't drop a dime on baby clothes yesterday. Because, yeah, I know. Those $7 onesies start to add up real fast. And we have more important things to save for. Like Kavya's college education. And our mortgage.

But I have to admit that I didn't buy Kavya anything yesterday because they didn't have the particular dress I was "casually perusing" for in the store. It's this gorgeous little flower-patterned number by Liberty of London for Target. And it's only $12.99. So how can I resist? I may just have to go and order it online.

Ack! It's out of stock. Now I must go on a mission to find it.

Because, as I said, my name is Sona. And I buy too many baby clothes.

Do you buy too many baby clothes?

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