Baby's Favorite Food: Van's Mini-Waffles

Photo from Van's
My one-year-old son doesn't eat a whole lot, but one thing he doesn't usually turn down or toss on the floor are these Van's mini-waffles.

He loves these more than mashed potatoes or pizza. Crazy kid.

I love them because they don't include any trans-fats or preservatives.


Van's come in three flavors but my son's top pick is chocolate chip (surprise, surprise). You can't go wrong with blueberry or homestyle, though. (Michele even recently raved about Van's regular-sized waffles for moms-to-be.)

It's not easy convincing Kyle to clean his plate, so I get excited when I find something he loves to eat that I don't have to feel guilty about giving to him. And the size is perfect, since I know my kid's eyes are much bigger than his stomach or his mouth!

What is one food your kid can't get enough of?

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