Twins Born a Week Apart, Babies Lactate & More Links I Love

baby girl
Photo by karramel88

Oh spring! Thank you for this weather. And I have these blogs to thank for some laughs ... and gasps!

Everything I want for my twins is so pricey. This mom agrees. Check out her rant on expensive baby items. -- Musings from the Crypt

This made me giggle: How to spot a mother of four. She never has anyone over for dinner. You'll read why. -- Any Mommy Out There

My twins were born two minutes apart. One mom had twins born a week apart! -- Parent Dish

Cliches can be lame, but babies do grow up too fast! -- Momversation

Boob juice is liquid gold. But what about if it comes from babies? Yes, babies can lactate. Even boys. -- lil Sugar

Did you know that last fact? I sure didn't!

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