Breastfeeding Could Save $13 Billion for America

Photo by mommiesbabies86
The breast is best promoters just got some real numbers to back up their claims.

A new study in this month issue of the journal Pediatrics surmises America would save $13 billion in health care and other costs if every mom opted to breastfeed.


Even more startling -- they say 900 child deaths could be prevented every year if women better followed practitioners' breastfeeding guidelines.

But before you start screaming at the researchers for once again blaming the victim -- mom -- they told US News and World Report that the failure is largely on the system.

Women don't have sufficient access to breastfeeding support, insurance companies don't cover the advice of lactation consultants, and should we get started on the failure of the maternity leave allowances to sufficiently allow moms time to adjust to breastfeeding and to maintain the six-month to a year suggested time frame for breastfeeding?

The deck is still largely stacked against breastfeeding, and it's not just hurting our kids, it's hurting our bottom line.

Do these numbers shock you?

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