American Apparel: Where to Find the Best Baby Clothes

American Apparel; $10
I know it may surprise you to hear that American Apparel is the best place to find baby clothes, but after shopping at more stores than I can count throughout the last year, I'm here to tell you it is.


I bought this infant baby short sleeve t-shirt ($10) on a whim one day, and after my son wore it just one day, I bought five more. The material is super soft, the shirts never lose their shape or size and they truly go with everything.

Additionally, American Apparel's karate pants ($12) are just as great as their t-shirts, convincing me you can't go wrong with anything you pick up from their baby line. (I've been meaning to pick up the burp cloth ($8) and baby hat ($6.50) as gifts.)



Photo by Jennie Canzoneri

Here's my son sporting the long-sleeved shirt ($11) and a very worried look on his face. I promise one has nothing to do with the other!

What is your favorite baby clothes brand?

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