Saving Our Marriages & Easing Our Enviro-Guilt: Reader Comments in Baby

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This week in funny, intense and informative reader comments, we run the gamut from nausea while nursing to cloth diaper guilt. Here's what you all had to say!


Sona confessed her hate for her breast pump, ethans_momma06 concurred:

"I had to pump for work and Oh-My-GAWD I hated it. It's a great option to have when you can't be there or when you just need a break, so you can't knock it to much, but boy is it just something else"

Michele says her twins have a bit of a negative impact on the environment, but says she won't cloth diaper. RanaAurora sympathizes:

"How DARE you not cloth diaper! Or something. I do love my gDiapers, Lorel is right... but you still have stuff to wash and the disposable part is more expensive. *shrug* If I didn't have a washer, no way would I cloth diaper. I know there's earth-friendly disposable diapers and there's one brand I don't remember that is actually biodegradable. You can be earth friendly without using cloth. :) (You can make disposable homemade wipes using Viva paper towels and a spray/squirt bottle.) I'm totally not perfect... but I ALWAYS try"

Jennie told us what helps her baby self-soothe and Mama2Claire2009 shared her own non-traditional solution:

"My daughter Claire always falls asleep to Aerosmith's 'Don't wanna miss a thing'....I'm so sick of listening to this song!! But it works every time, so its worth it"

Michele blew my mind when she taught us about nasuea during breastfeeding, and calmed Wheepingchree's mind:

"Bah, yes! I didn't think of googling it, I just kinda thought it was normal hormonal weirdness. Good to know I'm not alone"

I celebrated one-year baby blanket freedom, and Madeline taught me about an alternative to blankets and sleep sacks:

"Here's what we do: for the exact reasons you're talking about, our toddler still doesn't have a blanket over him in his crib. Instead, we dress him in those blanket sleepers, aka: footie PJs (Target, $5 to $10 bucks). He wears a regular ol' cotton footie number (or his flannel Batman two piece PJs) and then we put the fleecy footie PJs over him, turn the space heater on very low and he's good"

When I shared the news that the health care bill would help working moms, SpiritedTigress was stoked:

"OH MY GOD. That is awesome! Finally, I like something about the bill"
And finally, when Michele shared her marital fight over co-sleeping, most of you voted to keep the babies in the bed. Ssteph summed it up:

"I cant give up co sleeping with our son, he's almost 20 months but i love it and it comforts him.. plus we're still nursing so it's just easier."
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