Smartipants Cloth Diapers: Pretty Colors, But Can I Really Do It?

cloth diapers
Reusable Diapers; Smartipants

When I wrote about how babies aren't eco-friendly I got some great comments (and one really lame one). But after hearing from green mamas who cloth diaper and lived to tell the tale, it made me think. Can I do it? Maybe I'll try. Mmmaybe.


If it didn't work I could always go back to adding to the 14,000 diapers I will use before my twins are potty-trained. Yep, the people at Smartipants say that the average little one uses 7,000 "diaps" before they are ready to go it alone.

If I used Smartipants, I would only need around 48 reusable diapers -- 24 per baby -- which would save me, a mom of twins, $6,000.

And of course I'd be saving some of the Earth, too.

I'm biting my nails ... could I? I don't have a washer and dryer. Could I take it to the laundromat and have the people there deal with my dirties?

Do you cloth diaper? What are the challenges?

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