Megan Fox Wants a Baby & Attachment Parenting Tips from Blossom -- Baby Links I Love

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Sleep solutions, the mommy track, and Megan Fox, oh my!

Here are some baby links I love.


It could happen to you: getting fired from the Mommy track. -- The Mother Lode

Here's another one to make you feel guilty. Kourtney Kardashian drops the baby weight. -- Life & Style

Sleep-deprived? One-stop shopping for info on baby sleep solutions. -- What to Expect

Too cute! Ugly Betty star Ana Ortiz shows off her adorable little one, Paloma. -- Celebrity Babies

Breastfeeding basics -- here's everything you want to know. -- Kellymom

What are you giving your kids that you didn't get as a child? An stay-at-home dad explores. -- Yahoo! Shine

Smartie pant Mayim Bialik, Ph.D, offers attachment parenting tips. -- ParentDish

Babies make good accessories. That's why Megan Fox wants one. -- Showbiz Spy

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