Best Baby Travel Distractions

Photo from Amazon
I'm continuing a theme here as I'm moving across the country this week and all I've been able to control are what things I can throw in my bag to keep my baby well-fed and entertained. Here are the items I (and my baby) find most distracting and/or entertaining on the journey across the US.


Tolo First Friends are bright, colorful little people that your baby can chew on or manipulate -- either/or. We just got one of these from some friends and it has captivated our one-year-old's attention so much, we're going to get the whole gang.

I've talked about my love for Zoobies so much, one might think I'm on the payroll. (I'm not, I checked.) The plush toy turned blankie is really the best travel invention yet. My son loves to cuddle his monkey, and once he's conked out I use it to snuggle him up for what will hopefully be a long sleep.

You don't want a loud, interactive book in close quarters, instead take a visually arresting but super quiet option. My son's favorite is Waddle! If you haven't seen these scanimation books up close, when you move the pages back and forth an animal will do its thing: waddle, fly, gallop, whatever that animal does best. It's like a living organism inside a book.

The Oball is fun for you to watch as well. When your baby starts sticking his tongue through the open holes, it's a laugh riot. Also safe to take on a trip since the little ones have not yet developed their pitching arm. Plus, kids love balls.


Tolo First Friends ($10.99) -- Amazon

Baby Zoobie ($25) -- Zoobies

Waddle! ($9.32) -- Amazon

Original Oball ($10.98) -- Amazon

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