Got Teeth? But For How Long?

Nom, nom, nom
Depending on his biting rate, when your baby starts getting teeth it's a really exciting milestone.


When my daughter was a baby, getting her first tooth meant moving towards solid food and ultimately a little bit of independence. But with my son, as he started getting his first teeth at four months, they just kept popping up on a regular basis. It was a little shocking, and somewhat threatening as he turned those choppers on his mom.

Before his first birthday he had one molar and was working on THREE more. Three! At the same time! That is not the kind of exciting milestone I was looking forward to, what with the biting and screaming in pain (both of us).

Interestingly enough, according to his pediatrician, my son's full, toothy smile is not going to last that long. Babies who get their teeth early, will also lose their teeth early and start working on those permanent teeth.

Which means, for us, instead of getting a break between funding we could have a couple of years of non-stop visits from the tooth fairy. We'd better start saving now.

When did your baby get his first tooth?

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