Baby of the Week: Alyssa Katrina

baby girl smiling
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Who: Alyssa Katrina is 6 months old and was born one week before Amileegirl's birthday. She's a lot of energy in a really small package. She's nosey, extremely inquisitive, social, and likes to be in the middle of activity -- it's probably why she smiles all the time. She never stayed still ... even in the womb!


How long does she sleep at night? I always get asked this question and it is hard to answer because we co-sleep and I've learned to not look at the clock and go back to sleep especially since she learned to re-latch herself. She sleeps about 3-4 hour stretches and wakes to nurse or pee, and goes right back to sleep. The times she sleeps longer than 4 or 5 hours, I don't sleep because I'm either leaking or worried why she isn't awake!

What makes her smile? We can both coax a smile just by grinning. We smile at her a lot. We are just a bunch of grinning nuts in the house. It is much harder to get her to giggle and both of used to have to act particularly silly, with goofy faces and high pitched voices to initiate baby giggles. Funny enough, I was raking leaves the other day and she found that hilarous.

How did you choose her name? Every month during my pregnancy, my husband generated a list of girl names and boy names. I got to pick my top three and boycott the ones I hated. If I wanted a favorite name on the list I could ask, and he would indicate his favorite for me to consider. The top three from each month got put into the master pool. I got to pick the top three from that and he got to pick the final name from it. I actually hate the name Katrina, but it was his favorite and it didn't make the cut, I suggested we use it as a middle name.

Any siblings? Not yet.

What is her latest milestone? Scooting. She's gotten very adept at using her arms to pull herself forward and around efficiently especially if she wants something. We can't leave her unattended at all anymore.

What is her fussiest time of day? The evening around 6 p.m. We can set our watches to it. I work part time and I leave shortly after that time. Whether I go to work or not on a given night, she gets demanding and cranky. If I'm home, she refuses to let me out of her sight for any reason. She'll cry and complain for at least an hour or two and it can really go through you. We call her velcro baby.

What will she do for a career? With all her energy, I definitely think she's going to do something athletic. But then again, she's so curious she might go into something more heady. Whatever it is she'll charm her boss and coworkers with her smile.


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