Baby Food Find: Plum Tots

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My boy is actually done with pureed foods, but it's been a challenge to find fruits and vegetables he's willing to eat.

I'm blaming myself and my weird texture issues.


We were visiting friends a few weeks ago when the very considerate mom brought out Plum Tots baby food for my one-year-old, that I thought was so over the squishy foods. He grabbed the pouch of organic, all-natural banana mish-mash and sucked that thing dry.

When we were starting solids, I tried a few brands of the organic pureed baby food in the resealable pouch. At that time, my baby was eating such small amounts it was more of a pain to have to constantly warm up dinner after refrigerating the leftovers.

But now, I'm realizing if I want his palate to grow rather than shrink, (which is in danger of happening) I'm going to need to get the fruits and veggies into him however I can. If that means he's throwing back baby food like a 90-year-old on date night, that's a-okay with me.

Plum Tots organics ($8.99/6 pk)  --

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