Duggars Meet Their Baby Sister . . . Kinda'

When the nineteenth (yow! that makes my uterus hurt!) Duggar baby was born in December she was only one pound and way premature.


Josie's siblings have been forced to stay away, mostly because it's flu season, but also I can't imagine they let eighteen kids into the NICU, no matter how many cable executives clamor for the big meeting.

But thanks to the miracle of the iPhone, Josie has been broadcast to her siblings back home as she puts on weight and gets stronger. Older brother Josiah (sorry, but that's just a little too close to Josie -- the Duggars are getting lazy) says he's been keeping up with lil' sis just fine with the technological help.

Seeing that preemie thrive is an amazing feat. I'm so relieved that this medical emergency is going to have a happy ending. However. I hope Michelle and Jim Bob take this as a sign that nineteen, really is enough. I'm sure someone would happily spring for the vasectomy.

Any volunteers?

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