Nausea When Breastfeeding ... WHAT?

breastfeeding statue
Flickr photo by blmurch
My mom was over this weekend and she helped bring my twins to me when I was getting ready to tandem breastfeed. As she brought Penelope to my right breast it happened. Bleh.

It was a quiet heave and I know my mom heard it but she ignored it, got Hunter, and brought him over to my left breast. It happened again, this time louder.



"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, it's just the surge of hormones when my milk lets down," I tell her.

Fascinated, she wanted to know more.

I told her how the first few times it happened I was a nervous wreck -- didn't understand why it was happening. Was I sick? Will the babies get sick? Am I pregnant?

Okay, that last thought -- no way that was true. I don't need to explain, right -- I mean twins, first time mom, you get the no sex picture. But the heaves were similar to what I experienced throughout my pregnancy.

I ended up googling "nausea when breastfeeding" and instead of the fear that usually came with any medical search I've done online in order to self-diagnose, I learned that all was fine -- the oxytocin that is naturally released with the let-down can cause nausea. Oxytocin is the love hormone and I guess having two eager little nursing babies makes it all even more intense.


Do you ever feed nausea when breastfeeding?

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