Baby Mama of the Week: Oz Spies of Knocked Up

As a mother to two under two, my admiration for Oz's stamina is matched only by my admiration of her ability to make her readers laugh and cry simulataneously. Jonas (he's the ridiculously adorable baby in the photo) and Axel become part of your life the second you click on Knocked Up and you'll never be able to get those two fiesty little dudes out of your mind.

That is why Oz Spies, you're the Baby Mama of the Week.


What's one thing about you that would surprise your readers?

The name Oz isn't a clever pen name. My full name is Astrid, and Oz is the nickname I've had since birth. It's a family thing. 

What is your proudest parenting moment?

Getting out of the house without spit up or snot on my shirt. Add in bathed and cheerful children, making it someplace on time, and not forgetting somebody's diapers or snack, and it feels like a minor miracle. 

Actually, the thing that fills me with the most joy is watching my two boys together. Nothing makes Jonas laugh more than his older brother, and Axel loves to hug/lovingly wrestle Jonas and sometimes even brings Jonas toys to cheer him up when he's crying -- before taking the same toy away, of course. Those few minutes of happy sibling interaction are blissful.

What's your secret coping mechanism?

Going for runs whenever I can and drinking vanilla soy lattes. That's not really much of a secret, though -- my husband often brings them home for me when he gets off shift in the mornings and even my two-year-old makes me imaginary lattes in his little kitchen.  They're delicious.  

When your baby is old enough to Google, which blog post are you most afraid of him reading?

There are lots of things I've chosen not to share about my boys, but you never know what random thing is going to embarrass a teenager. I remember being thirteen and cringing when my dad said, "Up an' at 'em, sports fans!"  I don't think he could've predicted that saying sports fans to a group of his daughters' friends was going to bother me that much. 

Axel will probably roll his eyes at the fact that I shared his babyhood nickname -- Peanut Butter Cup -- and teenaged Jonas might be embarrassed that we all danced together to Abba. Hopefully how much they were loved comes through. 

What is the best piece of parenting advice you can give?

Oh, goodness. I don't feel qualified to give advice; I feel like I'll be trying to figure it all out for the next eighteen years. My strategy is to look for wisdom wherever I can find it -- friends, relatives, parenting books, blogs, websites, Google - and then to focus on what fits for our family. That, and to remember to laugh. 

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