9 Nursery Prints for Under $25

Dazey Chic; $20
Finding great kid-friendly wall art that doesn't eat up all your money can be tough, but I'm here to assure you it's not impossible.

I did a little print perusing and came up with quite a nice collection of frame-worthy art that's picture perfect for your kids rooms and not one piece is over $25!










First row: 1. Play Nice print from John W. Golden Etsy shop ($20) 2. Alligators print from Suspect Shoppe's Etsy shop ($15) 3. Peter Pan print from Tuesday Morning Etsy shop ($20)

Second row: 1. You Are So Loved print from Jessica Swift Etsy shop ($8) 2. You Dropped from Heaven from Dazey Chic Etsy shop ($20) 3. Fun at the Beach from La Papier Studio ($22)

Third row: 1. Flower Dust print from Jellybeans Etsy shop ($15) 2. Khaki and black giraffe print from Perideau Designs ($12) 3. Lucy print from Baby Byrds Etsy shop ($16)

Any of these pieces would brighten up a child's room.

Which is your favorite?

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