My Baby Sleeps Great With this Soother

Amazon; $23.59
One of the parenting accomplishments I'm most proud of is helping my sweet son figure out how to put himself to sleep.

One thing I credit with helping us achieve this was Fisher-Price's Select-a-Show Soother.


From a really early age, the lights and music of this crib toy soothed and mesmerized Kyle. He would drift to sleep within a few minutes, and you can set the music to play for 5, 10, or 15 minutes, depending on how much coaxing your little guy or gal needs.

It seems like a basic toy, but it worked so well, we bought two more -- one for his day care crib and one for when he stayed with my in-laws.

Funny enough, this was a gift we didn't ask for or expect to want or use. It sat in the "take back" pile for weeks before the sleepless nights got the best of us and we wanted to try something -- anything! -- before losing our minds. We broke this out of the box and gave it a try. We haven't looked back since!

Did you use a crib toy?

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