Early Riser? Try a Baby Blanket.

In spite of the warming temperatures, our Brooklyn apartment is still quite chilly (reason #88 why we're moving to Los Angeles next week). Until a week ago, blankets were verboten in our baby's bed, and he was getting frustrated by the sleep sack when he woke up and wanted to do laps around his crib at 5am.


I had NO IDEA tucking in our one-year-old with a blanket would bring such bounty upon our household. Ever since we tossed him a lovey, our boy has been giving us an extra hour of sleep every morning -- sometimes more! It's amazing what a difference a 6:30-7:00am wake up makes in my disposition. Just ask my husband.

Whether he's cozying up to the cotton softness and drifting off, or just fascinated by this new object in the crib the baby blanket has done the job that no change in bedtime, or mealtime could master.

Which makes me wonder, could we have introduced it sooner? Are the SIDS warnings an overreaction? If we could have had all that extra sleep months before the one-year marker without worrying the little guy would smother . . . well, I can't think about it now.

Must make sure all baby blankets are clean and ready for action!

Did you let your baby sleep with a blanket before he was a year old?


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