Health Care Reform Helps Breastfeeding Moms

Photo by vincenzio101407
You know when everyone was screaming, "Read the bill!" I guess I should have because I'm blown away that something like protecting women who need to pump on the job was included in the recently passed health care reform bill.

Advertisement schooled me on this very exciting news. Now employers with more than fifty workers must provide a private place other than the bathroom, and give women reasonable unpaid (well, the unpaid part needs to change) breaks so they can pump. Hallelujah!

Carrying a machine to work every day, finding solace in a bathroom stall, panicking that your boss is counting the minutes until you're back at your desk . . . these are all reasons women in American are not able to continue breastfeeding until the recommended six months, much less one year. This new law will help women who must return to work to have a little bit of an easier time with the process.

Yes, we still need paid maternity and paternity leave, but this is a great start for new moms.

To all of you who hoist the pump two or three times a day at the office -- I salute you!

Do you pump at work? Would these new laws help you?

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