Baby's First Year: Week 18 (Sleeping Through The Night)

Kathryn Grace
Photo by starburst1680
Meet first-time mom starburst1680. She's sharing the roller coaster ride of her first year of motherhood. Check back every week for all the emotion and exhaustion -- right up to Kathryn Grace's first birthday.  

Week 18: 

This week has been a much better week! Kathryn is probably 98 percent better and I'd say I'm like 90 percent myself.

Early in the week, I moved Kathryn back to her crib. She has been sleeping there ever since. She is now not only sleeping through the night by the technical definition -- five or more hours in a single stretch -- but she is sleeping 12 hours a night!


I am so happy she is sleeping so much! We have a bedtime routine now, and at the end of it I put her down awake. So she puts herself to sleep, too, which is fantastic. She still sucks her thumb some, but that is mostly when she wakes up in the middle of the night. Sometimes she uses it to get to sleep and sometimes she doesn't.

To go along with the bedtime routine I am also working on getting us on a routine during the day. Now that I'm not on graveyard shift (yay!), she is going to be with different people on different days of the week, from 1 p.m. until whatever time my husband gets off work. So I thought it would be good for us to have a routine that she can stay on no matter where she is or who is watching her. That way at least there is something constant from day-to-day for her. We are not quite on that routine yet, but already I am finding that it is making life easier for everyone -- her, us, the grandmas. We have a better idea of what she wants and when she will want it, so there is less fussing. Plus we can plan things better, like a trip to the store.

Challenges & Concerns:

This week Kathryn got her first rice cereal. The first day I'm not sure she actually got any of it in her, lol. I think I made it too thin, though, and that made it extra messy. The past few days I have been making it thicker and she is doing really well with it. Now she gets most of it in her. She has also been having dirty diapers regularly, so it is not making her constipated like I was worried it might. We are only giving it to her once a day and probably won't increase it to twice a day just yet. I'm not giving it to her because I felt like she wasn't getting enough food on a daily basis. Mostly it is just for practice, for her to get used to eating off a spoon and so she can have a little bit of variety in her diet. If I had to drink only milk all day for 4 months I think I'd be ready for a little variety.

As far as my concerns about my breastmilk supply, all hope is not lost. I am still pumping at work every day. I get less than I used to but I'm still getting some from each side. I also nurse her sometimes, but for now most of the breastmilk she is getting is from a bottle. I'm hoping I can increase my supply some and keep giving her at least some breastmilk until she is 6 months old.

Is your little one sleeping through the night? If so, did you start a routine, or did baby set their own sleep schedule?

(We're celebrating starburst168's first year with baby, so thanks for keeping your judgments about parenting choices to yourself.)

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