Reader Comments: Flying, Driving and Piercing

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We talk, you listen . . . and talk back.

Here are this week's picks for comments in Baby.


MomOfJandM spoke for many of you when she responded to the post, Facebook's Breastfeeding Photo Issues Are Back:

"What facebook needs to do is take down all the profile pics of 15 year olds in their bras! Let the BF moms be, and do something about the photos that are actually dangerous."

Sona wrote about her new baby and their sleeping arrangements in Baby Boot Camp: Co-Sleeping (Or Not) and SpiritedTigress responded with, what I think, is the perfect solution between co-sleeping and not:

"With our first, we did not co-sleep. She was formula fed so there wasn't really an incentive. With our second, he's exclusively breastfed. When he was about 4 months old we started co-sleeping because I'd lay down with him in our bed to nurse him to sleep and when I tried to move him to his crib, he'd wake and cry and the process would start all over again. So we actually turned his crib into a toddler bed (took the railing off and lowered the mattress to match our own) and pushed our bed against his. Now I can have him a foot away and he's content thinking he's in mommys bed."

Let's hear an "Amen" for  Freela's response to Vera Farmiga's Job Was "Up in the Air" When Baby News Came:

"Honestly, the maternity/leave benefits provided in the US are unfair to both mom and baby... I'm lucky enough to live in Canada, where moms are entitled to a year of maternity/parental leave. The fact that I had a full year to even make the decision whether to return to work or not was a godsend... we were able to 'try out' stay-at-home momhood financially by living off dh's salary alone while putting mine away for the future. At the end of the year I decided I would rather stay home and we were financially able to make ends meet without my working, so I took the leap and became a SAHM. There seems to be so much dissent between SAHMs and WOHMs... maybe that should be channeled to try to increase workplace benefits to women so that no one has to return to work a few weeks after the birth of a child!"

Kayla schooled this New Yorker with an option I've never heard about, but now an dying to see, in her response to No Car Seat? No Problem!?:

"Why don't they just equip taxis with those built-in car-seats like some newer SUVs have? I mean, that way, when there's no baby in the car, it's a normal seat. Then when someone with an infant gets in, they can fold down the little seat. Just an idea."

I asked what to do on a long flight with babies, in Flying with Babies: Us vs.Them and you responded. Ethans_mama06 cracked me up while offering great advice:

"I have flown at least 4 times with a small child (under 3), two flights 15 hours long with a two year old. You know what helped me and my child? The people around me not being an ass just because I had a kid. Bring distractions, one for each hour is recommended. Bring something to make them comfortable like their stuffy, or their blanky. Bring something to help their ears. And be prepared to not enjoy the flight yourself, but to focus on what your child needs"

A lot of you weighed in on Baby Ear Piercing is a No-No for Me. Vanessa5470 explained why she had her baby girl's done:

"My mother pierced my ears when I was about 1 year old. If I ever have a girl I would do the same. We're Colombian and a tradition in our family is getting our ears pierced and receiving a pair of gold/emerald hoops (tiny ones). If one is going to a mall to get ears peirced, that's rediculous. Doctors pierce ears, find one that does. I love the way earrings look on a woman/girl. They give an air of femininity that is timeless"


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