Urban Dilemmas, Beautiful Birth Stories & Stroller Steals -- Links I Love

Photo by kris_81
It's Friday! Grab a cuppa and linger over these baby links I love.


Always a beautiful read, but Nella Cordelia's sweet, inspiring birth story had me bawling when I was pregnant. -- Kelle Hampton

Not quite ready for the 'burbs? The age old urban dilemma. -- Pistols And Popcorn

Baby Zones? So that's why Baby K always falls asleep on my boob. -- Our 365

Strollers and high chairs and organic onesies, oh my. One steal at a time? Sign me up. -- Mama Bargains

She's right. It is hard to make mommy friends. -- Yahoo! Shine

And I quote: "'Pump trauma.' It's apparently an actual Thing." -- Alpha Mom

Sesame Street in Afghanistan? Why not, it's in 40 countries and counting! -- The Washington Post

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