Peanut Sling! I Would Like One Please

peanut sling
Bessie Heirloom; The Peanut Shell
I've been hearing a lot about peanut slings. Sometimes I call my son a peanut, though I do prefer pumpkin. Sometimes even string bean.

But peanut sling ... that has a nice ring to it. Pumpkin sling sounds like an evil sport during Halloween and string bean sling is way too clunky.

Then I saw them. The Peanut Shell slings. They are so darn cute I want one so I can wear my baby in style and float around Brooklyn in my spring dresses and sensible heels.


I want this Bessie Heirloom Baby Sling ($99) and I'll carry around my daughter instead of my pumpkin. My husband can babywear Hunter in the Adjustible Baby Sling in Black ($54.99) -- much more boy friendly.

But wait! Are all slings dangerous? The Infantino Baby Sling recall because of a baby's death is enough to scare anyone out of wanting to wear one.

I personally do not think all slings are dangerous -- as long as you are wearing it properly with a child that is older than four months or the right weight according to the directions for the sling.

La Leche League has some great information on babywearing in a sling, including some general safety tips and the many benefits -- bonding, easy for breastfeeding, and fussy babies calm when in a sling.

Have you tried The Peanut Shell slings? What do you think of them?

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