Facebook's Breastfeeding Photo Issues Are Back

Photo from breastfeedingwa.org
In 2008, Facebook removed some breastfeeding photos from some of their member's profiles and that decision rightfully upset thousands of people. Eventually, the controversy subsided and I hadn't heard much about it until now.


April -- a mom to twins and blogger -- recently had a photo of her tandem breastfeeding her kids removed by Facebook. She's written about the issue on her blog and has written a letter to the site, as well. As she points out, plenty of women expose just as much or more in other profile photos, but Facebook doesn't seem to have issue with those.

It's a shame that such a huge social networking platform can't be more progressive and educated when it comes to their photo policies.

Breastfeeding isn't sexual and it isn't obscene and the only reason anyone perceives it to be either of those things is because of platforms such as Facebook treating it as such. If you get offended by a woman breastfeeding her children, then click away.

Let's hope Facebook changes their policies quickly.

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