Looking Back On Life Before Baby

Kavya Kaur Dhillon
Photo by Navdeep Singh Dhillon
Yesterday, my husband showed me the video he edited of our daughter's birth. She was so tiny, so alert -- and while she's still clocking in on the small side at just under 9 lbs., she's grown so much in such a short time. I can't believe my little baby is already more than six weeks old. She's already smiling! (Yes, on purpose.)

It makes you think, really, about time. And it had me wondering, what was I doing year ago today?


I had just started focusing on freelancing full-time so I could work on my novel. (Nope, it's not done yet. But I'm working on it.)

And since I was working from home -- instead of till all hours of the night at a certain weekly magazine -- my husband and I had just talked about finally starting our family.

But we weren't really taking it seriously, despite my, uh, advancing age. (FYI: My mom starting freaking out about when she'd have grandkids by the time I was 27.) We figured we'd give it a shot. And baby Kavi was on her way within just a few months. But I realize that there are many women in their 30s who don't have such an easy go.

I'm glad we decided to move forward with planning our family when we did. You never know about these things -- and you never really worry about them until it's too late. At least that was the case with me.

One thing I know: a year ago, I didn't, in my wildest dreams, imagine I'd be spending my days with my little one, with the constant feedings, the constant cuddles, the sheer exhaustion and the joy that is beyond anything I could have dreamed up. I mean, the concept of the baby was there, floating somewhere in the back of my head. But I couldn't really fathom it.

Seeing her grow so much in just six weeks really does give me a new appreciation of how fast time flies. I need to remind myself to just take the time to breathe, enjoy the moments as they come, and not get so hyper-focuses on what's next. A tall order for a Type A like me, but I'm giving it a shot.

So what were you doing a year ago today?

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