Formula for Two-Year-Olds?

Enfamil; Babies R Us
I was in Target shopping for more Munchkin items to be thrown behind the couch, when I noticed an Enfamil can that said for ages "9 to 24 months."

Huh? I've blocked out a lot from when my daughter was a baby, but I think I would remember if I was supposed to keep my baby on formula until he was two-years-old.

So I asked my pediatrician what was up with that.


His answer was so much more interesting than I'd hoped for, as I assumed it was something along the lines of, "Some children can't have whole milk, therefore they need formula if you're not breastfeeding." Not even close.

Apparently, back in the 1990s, as the Echo Boomers came of reproducing age there was panic in the streets of the baby industry. The fear was, post-Baby Boomers were not going to be reproducing at such levels as the Boomers themselves, and the industry would go broke.

What started happening: (I'm paraphrasing, and creating a visual not described by my ped) Crazed marketing meetings were held, and the suits hatched a plan to maintain their piece of the baby industry pie! (No longer paraphrasing.) Bottle companies started making nipples in various "flows," and formula companies started touting the benefits of keeping your child on nutritious formula until the little ones turn two.

As my doc explained, they only needed 1% of consumers to buy into this idea in order to make a profit. What happened next is we had our baby boomlet and these marketing ploys became unnecessary, so the industry cleaned up.

Lesson learned. Before I shell out for the latest innovation in baby care, I'm giving my pediatrician a call.

Did you give formula to your baby after one year?

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