Baby of the Week: Raena Noelle

baby girl
Photo by RavishingMama

Getting to know some of our reader's cuties...

Who: Raena Noelle, daughter of my friend Heather, aka RavishingMama. Raena is 8 months old and is such a chubby and happy baby who is really starting to show off her personality!


How long does she sleep at night? She sleeps about six hours before waking up and wanting to nurse, but then she will fall back asleep for about another four hours. 

What makes her smile? Mommy is her favorite, but big brother Shiloh can also get some brilliant grins. She also has quite the mischievous grin when she gets into things she shouldn't. (She's playing with Shiloh's toy in this photo.) 

How did you choose her name? I looked at some baby name websites A LOT!  Of course I went through the whole shouting across the house "Honey, how do you like _____?" Finally I came across Raina/Rayna and I really liked the name so I looked up what the meaning was (Queen) and I found an alternate spelling "Raena" and I fell in love with it.  As for her middle name (Noelle) I just think it's pretty and went well with her first name.

Do Raena and Shiloh get along well? Shiloh is only 18 months older so there wasn't too much jealousy ... at first!  When she was brought home from the hospital, he was very scared when she cried or fussed but that didn't last long. He giggles helplessly when she starts crawling after him and only gets upset when she grabs for his toys! 

What is her latest milestone? She has just started crawling and is into everything! She has also started pulling herself up and looks like she is trying to get her balance and walk -- yikes! I hope the walking holds off for awhile.    

What is her fussiest time of day? Raena is usually an easy-going baby but when doesn't get her way she gets quite fussy. I have the feeling that I have a looong road ahead of me!

What will she do for a career? I have no idea but she already shows a bit of a stubborn streak so I am sure that she will do whatever she wants and will be great at it.

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