Play Kitchens & Public Tantrums: Links I Love

Photo by AshBayGrammy
I've read some Internet gems today -- including details on tantrums and Oliver Hudson. Hmmm ... guess what I love most?




Do you have an old nightstand that's just gathering dust? Turn it into a play kitchen for your little guy or gal. -- My Little Gems

Rules of Engagement star Oliver Hudson (or, for any closet Dawson's Creek fans, Eddie from the show's last season) just welcomed his second son on Friday. -- Celebrity Baby Blog

How to deal with public tantrums without throwing one yourself. With a one year old at home, this was a great read for me. -- ParentDish

What Do Kids Learn While Cooking is a great and helpful list for parents. Even though my son is just a year old, he already enjoys dumping flour into a bowl and helping me whisk. He gets excited when he hears the mixer, even. So, incorporating your kid (even a young one!) into your kitchen routine isn't a bad idea. -- OhDeeDoh

A truly inspiring play room. I can't stop admiring a room that's meant for kids but is clean, tidy and just plain lovely. -- Little Lovely

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